Vespa Classics Miami
Classic Vespa

Choosing Your Vespa Classic

We have a large inventory of ready to ship Classic Vespas in a variety of colors equipped with options to suit individual needs. Our warehoused stock of ready to restore Classic Vespas is extensive allowing you to specify the rebuild and restoration to meet your needs exactly to the colors and options desired.

Ordering Your Vespa Classic

Once you have chosen an in stock Vespa or decided on your model, color and options of your Vespa to be built for you we prepare an agreement of sale and you provide us with a deposit of 50% of the purchase price.

Delivery of Your Vespa Classic

If you have chosen an in stock Classic Vespa it will be shipped within a few days. If you customize your Classic Vespa and we rebuild it from the ground up to your specifications you will have to allow six to eight weeks for delivery. Your Vespa is carefully crated and shipped to you, upon arrival you uncrate it wheel it out, turn the key and it will start, ready to roll. Enough fuel is in the tank to get you to the nearest refueling point, you are set to go.