Vespa Classics Miami
Classic Vespa

How We Build The Vespa Classic

Your Vespa Classic is built and reconditioned in every way from the ground up. We start with a mid 1960’s vintage Vespa that is roadworthy and in every day use. We strip it down to the bare essentials and start the process of replacing virtually every component with brand new parts. The bodywork is stripped of all paint down to the bare metal, the engine is dismantled and all moving parts are replaced with new factory specification updated components. All wiring, cables, belts, tires, upholstery, are replaced with updated better than original modern parts.

The body is primed and painted with multiple coats of the highest quality automotive paint available to the color or colors you specify. The finished Vespa Classic is then road tested for 100 miles to insure that all systems are functioning perfectly. Without question your Vespa Classic will be better than new when delivered to you.

What Does it Cost

Although costs vary somewhat depending on options selected the final cost will generally be between $4,500 US and $5,500 US. This is about $1,000 less than a similarly equipped new Vespa, yet provides so much more in style and long term value.

Options and Enhancements

Your Vespa Classic in the basic form is intended to be in “all original” in appearance, and functionality except where technological and safety improvements have been added. You may wish to add some options so that your Vespa suits your needs and wishes perfectly:

We are happy to assist you in making selections of your option package.


Your Classic Vespa Comes with a 100 day warranty on all parts including the cost of shipping to your address. The warranty does not include parts that have been damaged or abused beyond normal wear and tear.