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Vespa Classic Appeal

There are so many reasons to own a better than new mid 60’s Vintage Vespa. First and foremost is the excellent value that comes with the purchase of this timeless classic. Unlike the purchase of a new two wheeled vehicle, whether it be a new Vespa or an Asian knock off, your classic Vespa will retain its value for years to come and if well maintained will actually appreciate in value. No new vehicle can offer that kind of value, no other vehicle is actually a wise investment particularly considering that your Classic will actually cost about $1,000 less than a new Vespa of comparable specifications and options.

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Your Classic Vespa has amazing curb appeal, few people walk past a parked Classic without stopping and looking and often photographing it. The Classic Vespa in motion instantly places the owner at the center of attention.

Recently I parked my Classic Vespa on Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami, between a Ferrari and two extremely tricked out Harley’s, and upon returning from my errand I found a group of people admiring the Vespa while ignoring the surrounding vehicles. Maximum curb appeal!

Getting around town you will not only look great and feel great, you will also cruise through traffic in a fraction of the time that it would take in a car. You reach your destination and there is always a place to park your Classic generally with no parking fees.

Finally, you are doing the environment a big favor as you zip around at 60 plus miles per gallon.